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Academic Council

     The College Governing Council has been constituted with experienced members from industries and reputed institutions. The Governing Council decides in framing of all policy matters, commencement of new courses, construction of additional buildings and so on. It meets once in a semester and reviews the functioning to monitor and decide about the starting of new courses and appointment of Faculty members, besides deployment of students in various industries for placement. The new buildings are constructed with the advice of the Governing Council Members of the various courses.

Members of the academic Council are :

S.No Name Position Qualification Present Professional Position
1 S.Srinivasa Ragavan Chairman M.Tech.,M.S.(Engg)USA Industrialist, Trichy
2 R.Solaisamy Member - Industrialist
3 S. Vijayalakshmi Member - Industrialist
4 K.Ravichandran Member - Sripathi Paper & Boards
5 S. Vigneshwari Member B.Tech., Managing Industrialist
6 K.R Viswanathan Member M.E.,Ph.D Director, PSREC
7 C.Balasubramanian Member M.E.,Ph.D Professor & Head/CSE
8 P.Arul Franco Member M.E., Director/Academic Affairs, AUT.
9 T.Alwarsamy Member Ph.D., Liaison Officer, DOTE
10 Indira Getzy David Member M.E.,MISTE AP/EEE, GCET
11 K.Ramasamy Member Secretary M.E.,Ph.D Principal, PSRRCEW