Since inception of the college, in the year 2008, the Science & Humanities departments have been effectively functional. The S&H departments stands focused to its Ideals in imparting knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence through the acquisition of core competence in language skills, and in the field of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The course curriculum is periodically upgraded to suit the requirements of different engineering depends as per the syllabus of Anna University of Technology, Chennai.

Faculty Members

The faculty in the department is a rich blend of personnel with industrial and professional experience. The dedicated staff members have sound knowledge in emerging areas. Most faculty members are accomplished postgraduates with considerable research and academic experience. The breadth and depth of research interests of the academic staff ensures a high standard lecture courses and provide excellent opportunities for challenging and stimulating final year projects. Individual lecturers supplement their delivery using blackboards, overhead projectors and video projection.


Dr.A.KaruppasamyM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.DAssistant Professor [email protected]
Dr.M.SenthilkumarM.Sc., Ph.DAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr.V.RamalakshmiM.Sc.,Ph.DAssistant Professor [email protected]
Mrs.M.MercyM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor [email protected],M.Phil.,Assistant Professor[email protected]
Mrs.I.AyswariyaM.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D)Assistant Professor[email protected]
Mr.S.AlagueswaranB.E., M.EAssistant Professor[email protected]
Mr.R.SenthilkumarB.E., M.EAssistant Professor [email protected]
Mr.V.HariharapandianM.Sc.,M.Phil.Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mrs.P.SAKTHISREEM.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mrs.K.VijayalakshmiM.Sc.,M.Phil.Assistant Professor[email protected]
Mrs.M.AndalM.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mrs.N.JegajothiM.Sc.,M.Phil.Assistant Professor [email protected],M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor[email protected]
Ms.G.BalambigaB.A.,M.A.,Assistant Professor[email protected],M.Phil.,Assistant Professor[email protected],M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor[email protected]
Mrs.S.UmamaheswariM.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor [email protected]
Mr.K.SaravananM.Sc.,M.Phil.,SLETAssistant Professor [email protected]
Dr.S.Lakshmi PrabavathiM.Sc.,Ph.DAssistant Professor [email protected]
Mr.Muneesh,Assistant Professor[email protected]


S.RajarajeswariB.ComLab Technician


Commmunication Skills Laboratory

The English Communication Skills Laboratory focuses on the production and practice of Sounds of Language and familiarizes the students with the use of English in Everyday situations both in formal and informal conditions. Our Laboratory help students to attain better understanding of nuances of English Language through Audio – Visual experience and group activities. It also helps to attain speaking skills with clarity and confidence which in turn enhances their employability skills .


This is the basic science lab which is common for all branches of first year with facilities for the group of 30 students to carry out experiments independently. The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the fundamentals of Engineering Physics.


The Engineering Chemistry Lab in PSRR College of Engineering has a wide range of equipment. It is well located with an airy and spacious hall with a capacity to accommodate 30 students at a time. We have individual store room for safe keeping of explosive & corrosive chemicals in view of the Laboratory safety.
It provides students with a practical approach towards the various techniques used in engineering application. Practical awareness is inculcated and students are trained both quantitatively and qualitatively during the lab sessions so that their understanding and problem solving abilities can be enhanced.

Department library

In addition to the Central Library a well-equipped departmental Library is functioning in the Department, which caters the needs of faculty and students during working hours. The objective of Departmental Library is to promote the use of reference books among the students. Students as well as faculty members avail the faclities of library on a regular basis.

  • No of Books avail in the Department of Mathematics: 700
  • No of Books avail in the Department of English: 154
  • No of Books avail in the Department of Physics: 447
  • No of Books avail in the Department of Chemistry: 395


The college organizes events with many purposes in intention. Some of the significant events were on support on employment workshops, entertainment, academic studios, international and socio-cultural activities, etc. The objective is to create a multicultural and international understanding among the students and staff.


National Science Day Celebration – 28.02.2019

National Science Day celebration – 28.02.2020


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